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Why choose Lucky ATM for your merchant services?

At Lucky ATM Merchant Services, we know how important it is for your business to have reliable and innovative merchant solutions that are tailored to your precise business needs. Our goal is to help small and large businesses realize their full potential.  We helped many businesses in the Atlanta metro area do this by allowing them to cash in on the lucrative ATM market, and save money with the most competitive credit card processing rates on the market. Lucky ATM can provide you with products that can save you money, make you money and drive up the number of cash transactions at your business. Having our suite of merchant services at your business will give you the competitive edge that it needs to succeed in today’s economy!


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What are the benefits of working with Lucky ATM?

We provide convenient access to cash through our fast, secure, and reliable ATM services. We also have the ability to provide each of our customers with the most competitive credit card processing rates for our customers throughout metro Atlanta and all of Georgia. We also have teamed with PAI to offer advanced point of sales (POS) systems offering a full range of options from credit/debit cards, gift/loyalty cards, eCommerce, mobile payments.

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