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21800CE_150If you are looking to generate more cash flow for your business through ATM services, you want your customers to be able to access their cash without the trouble of maintaining an ATM yourself, and could use a reliable vendor with extensive experience in the cash flow industry?

At Lucky ATM we realize that every business is operated a different way.  Some owners are so busy that they do not have the time or resources to maintain an ATM themselves.  Other owners prefer to have more control over their business, regardless of how busy they may be.  Still others may not feel comfortable handling the large amounts of money that may be necessary to operate an ATM.  That is why we have come up with a few basic layouts for your new ATM arrangement.

1 – Hands Off: We deliver, install and stock the ATM with cash. We will maintain the ATM at no  cost to you; this includes keeping the machine  loaded with cash as well as any service or repair  work! We will even pay you up to $0.50 per  transaction depending on the transaction volume  and surcharge amount. All that you are responsible for is a dedicated phone line.

2 – 50/50 Split: We deliver and install the ATM at no cost to you. We will provide any service or repair work. You provide a dedicated phone line and stock the ATM with your cash as needed. You will receive half of all surcharges. You will have to pass a Homeland Security check.

3 – Custom: We will work with you to design a cash flow solution that is tailor made to help you meet your business goals!

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