How free are your free ATM placements?

When we say that we offer free ATM placements, we mean FREE!  We will install and maintain the machine at no cost to you.  The only cost that you might incur is the phone line.

Do I need a dedicated phone line?

We usually insist that our customers provide a dedicated phone line to ensure that there are no interruptions with the operation of the ATM.  However, in some circumstances a pre-existing fax line will work just fine.

Will I make any money from the use of the ATM?

Yes, you will make money!  You will make more money if you use your money to vault the cash in the machine than you will if Lucky ATM vaults the cash.  But, either way you go, you will make money!

How is the surcharge split?

If Lucky ATM vaults the cash then your business will receive up to $0.50 for every transaction depending on the surcharge and transaction volume.  If you choose to vault the cash yourself, you will receive half of all surcharges that the machine collects. We can either mail you a check at the end of every month with your share of the surcharges or you can choose to have it deposited directly into your bank account.

How quickly will I receive my vault cash or my share of the surcharge?

The vault cash or surcharge from any transaction that occurs before the bank-set cut-off time, which is usually 3 P.M., will be deposited into your account the following business day.  If you do not feel comfortable giving us your bank account information then we will be glad to mail you a check with your share of the surcharge from the previous month within the first week of the month.

How much is the surcharge?

The minimum surcharge is $2.00.  However, the surcharge can be set higher depending on your location.

What do I do if my ATM is not functioning correctly?

We will probably know this before you and will have already begun to fix the problem.  We receive an email from each ATM any time there is an error or it is low on cash.  You are always welcome to call us, however, to be sure that we are working to solve the issue.

How much money will I need if I decide to vault the cash?

Usually $2,000 to $4,000 is adequate to maintain the continuous operation of the ATM.

Is there anything else that I need to know?

You must pass a federally mandated Homeland Security check in order to vault the cash yourself.




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